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English is an amazingly rich language, with many options and nuances. I'll help you choose the best words to convey your best work.
Beth Kaczmarek

I know doctors. They have good ideas that ought to be shared, but often ideas come while they're making incisions or making rounds. Even when they manage to jot down the ideas, read some good background, and even put together a rough draft, it's extremely hard to devote enough TIME to the painstaking revisions and re-formatting that make a manuscript publishable.

I can help. A psychologist whose work I edited once told me the changes I suggested were exactly what she would make herself if only she had the TIME to truly focus on her writing. That's exactly my goal. You supply the knowledge and the organization, and I'll polish the prose.

You may be lucky enough to have a talented editor in your office available to provide this service, but in my experience, most of the people who might be able to help are already overwhelmed with their own time-consuming responsibilities. Manuscripts languish in the briefcases of well-meaning colleagues or get buried under stacks of urgent daily work on secretaries' desks.

Now that I've cut myself loose from those daily administrative chores, I can devote full attention to what I love: making manuscripts clearer, more concise, more forceful, more polished. I can't guarantee that a peer reviewer will instantly agree to publish your manuscript, but I can offer an extra pair of eyes to catch any careless typos, misspellings, usage lapses, poor word choices, awkward sentence structures, and such that might make reviewers reject it without a really thoughtful reading.

Let's work together to make YOU look good.